Amanecer – New Single Release!!!

Amanecer coverThe first single release (Amanecer) from our first album (Elements) is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital music stores. Please support Silent Deviation and its idea of music and internationality by purchasing this song and becoming a friend of Silent Deviation in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Take a listen to Amanecer – we hope you like it!!

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Music and lyrics by Didac Carmona (Spain) and Samuele Vivian (Italy). Mixed by Samuele Vivian. Recorded in Barcelona (Spain), Graz (Austria) and Kingston (Jamaica). Musicians: vocals – Hadi Rosat (Iran), Dominique Vendryes (Canada) and Marisha Hibbert (Jamaica) | flute – Rosina Moder (Austria) | bass – Rolando Brown (Jamaica) | drums and beat programming – Samuele Vivian and Alberto Lovison (Italy) | guitars – Samuele Vivian and Didac Carmona | percussions – Alberto Lovison; Cover graphic design by Andrea Munari (Italy) and Maria Bauer (Austria); Cover photography: Maria Bauer

Welcome to Silent Deviation!

For some reason you have ended up here, in this webpage… and you may certainly ask yourself what this is… well, it is difficult to put it in just a few words, but in essence you have just clicked your way into the homepage of an international music project. Silent Deviation was born in 2007 based on the idea of creating a project that would recognize diversity as the source of cultural and personal richness. In these lines, a music project arose, in which a wide scope of stylistic influences (ranging from classical music to jazz, from rock to reggae, from traditional music to funk) and lyrics appealing to universal thoughts and emotions converse with each other. In the sense of this ideal Silent Deviation is not an actual band (no lead singer, no set group of performing musicians) but rather an international workshop that, based on the composed music, follows a dynamic concept, in which the music is allowed to live out its potential interpretative diversity. For that reason, Silent Deviation has brought together (and continues to gather) musicians around the world who interpret and perform our songs. In addition and in line with promoting internationality, Silent Deviation is happy to work with a number of associate professionals surrounding the project who come from very different cultural backgrounds (our Silent Deviation Support) and to enjoy the support of an international crew of representatives who help us promote the music and philosophy of Silent Deviation throughout the globe (our Silent Deviation Ambassadors). We invite you to browse through the menu and to learn more about the project and the people behind it. To listen to the music of Silent Deviation, however, you will have to be just a bit patient: in November 2011, we will be releasing the first single (Amanecer) from our first album, Elements. Please feel free to contact us and do not hesitate to ask or comment anything you want. Again, a first welcome from what we hope will be a lot of more welcomes.